This is another great dish that’s hearty and heavy. It has smoked polish sausage, which is a great dinner item. The recipe calls for you to fry the potatoes, which gives it a nice, starchy texture to it. The onions help offer a unique flavor to this, and it’s pretty simple to throw together. You can make this as a nice dinner, and even save the leftovers for a little bit later.


Can I cook the potatoes for a bit longer?

Some people like their potatoes in this to be soft potatoes. Other people like them as more of like a French fry consistency.

There is no right or wrong way for this, instead it’s encouraged to make the potatoes the way that you want to make them, and also make them in a way that tastes the way you enjoy it.

How do I get a sausage that’s crispier?

You can do this by getting another pan for the sausage and cooking this separately. This allows the sausage to cook as needed, without worrying about burning the potatoes, and it offers a sausage that’s crispier, and it tastes a whole lot better too, something a lot of people tend to try to achieve with their cooking of their sausages. Ultimately though, cook it to your needs, and see which one is right for you to use.

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Fried Potatoes Onions And Smoked Polish Sausage

  • Author: Olivia




Of russet potatoes, I diced them into 1/2″ cubes.

A pound.Of sliced smoked sausage.

2 Tbsp.

Of olive oil.

½ Tsp.Of seasoned salt.

½ Tsp.

Of Italian Seasoning.

½ large red bell pepper.

½ large green bell pepper.

A small diced onion.

Black pepper to taste Shredded parmesan cheese, for garnish.


First, you want to get a big pan, put the onion and a spoonful of the butter. Heat this up to medium heat and then proceed to sauté your onion until it becomes see-through.

From there, you want to cook this so the onion is soft. When this is done, put it outside of the pan onto a plate or serving dish.

In the same skillet, you can then add a tablespoon of both olive oil and butter, let this sit until it fully melts. Get the potatoes, the Italian seasoning, the sale, and the pepper, put this in the pot, and then combine all of this together.

From there, let this sit covered on the stove, stirring this so it doesn’t burn, for around 15 or so minutes, or until the vegetables become very soft, and the potatoes are a nice texture, preferably a little bit crispy, but also not burned.

then, get the polish sausage, adding this into the mixture. Let this sit and cook in this same skillet for around 10 or so minutes, letting it cook until it’s softer.

Add the peppers and the onions to this skillet once more, cooking everything together until you have the peppers looking crispy and soft.

When finished, turn the heat off, assemble it by having the onions and potatoes near the bottom, and the peppers combined, topping this with some of the sausage. You can sprinkle a little bit of parmesan cheese along the top portion of this to offer a nice, little bit of flavor that’ll make it shine.

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