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Crockpot Mac and Cheese

Crockpot Mac and Cheese is the ultimate comfort food, delivering a creamy, cheesy, and satisfying dish with minimal effort. By using a slow cooker, you can create this classic meal with ease, allowing the flavors to meld together over time while you go about your day. This blog post will guide you through the process of making Crockpot Mac and Cheese, highlighting its convenience and showcasing the rich, delectable flavors that have made this dish a family favorite.

The slow cooker method not only simplifies the cooking process but also ensures a perfectly cooked pasta and a velvety cheese sauce. Whether you’re preparing a weeknight dinner or a dish for a special occasion, Crockpot Mac and Cheese is a versatile and crowd-pleasing choice that is sure to impress.

Ingredients and Variations :

The essential ingredients for Crockpot Mac and Cheese include pasta (such as elbow macaroni or shells), a variety of cheeses (such as cheddar, Monterey Jack, and Gouda), milk or heavy cream, butter, and seasonings (such as salt, pepper, and optional spices like paprika or mustard powder). To cater to different dietary needs and preferences, you may consider using whole wheat or gluten-free pasta, incorporating reduced-fat cheese, or experimenting with dairy-free alternatives.

Adding vegetables like broccoli or peas, proteins like cooked bacon or diced ham, or even incorporating different cheeses can create exciting flavor variations. Feel free to get creative and adjust the recipe to suit your tastes and dietary requirements.

Step-by-Step Cooking Instructions :

To prepare Crockpot Mac and Cheese, begin by lightly greasing the slow cooker with butter or non-stick cooking spray. Then, cook the pasta according to the package instructions until it’s just shy of al dente. While the pasta cooks, grate the cheeses and set aside. In a separate bowl, whisk together milk or heavy cream with seasonings, such as salt, pepper, and any additional spices you prefer.

Once the pasta is ready, drain it and add it to the slow cooker. Pour the milk mixture over the pasta, and then add the grated cheeses and small cubes of butter. Gently stir to combine the ingredients, ensuring that the pasta is evenly coated with the cheese and milk mixture.

Cover the slow cooker and cook the Mac and Cheese on low for 2-3 hours or on high for 1-1.5 hours, until the cheese is melted and the sauce is creamy. Make sure to stir occasionally to prevent clumping.

Tips for Perfect Crockpot Mac and Cheese :

To achieve the best results when making Crockpot Mac and Cheese, follow these expert tips:

  • Choose pasta that holds up well during slow cooking, such as elbow macaroni or shells.
  • Opt for freshly grated cheese, as pre-shredded cheese can contain anti-caking agents that may affect the sauce’s smoothness.
  • Cook the pasta just before it reaches al dente, as it will continue to cook in the slow cooker.
  • Stir the mixture occasionally during cooking to prevent clumping and ensure even distribution of the cheese sauce.

Serving Suggestions and Accompaniments :

Crockpot Mac and Cheese is a versatile dish that pairs well with various sides and accompaniments. Consider serving your Mac and Cheese with a simple green salad, steamed or roasted vegetables, or a slice of crusty bread to provide some contrasting textures and flavors. For a heartier meal, add grilled or baked chicken, meatballs, or sausages on the side.

When it comes to beverages, pair your Crockpot Mac and Cheese with a crisp white wine, a light beer, or a refreshing iced tea to complement the dish’s richness.

Garnish your Mac and Cheese with a sprinkle of chopped parsley or chives for a pop of color and a hint of freshness. You can also add a light dusting of paprika or a drizzle of hot sauce for an extra kick of flavor.

By following these serving suggestions and accompaniments, you can elevate your Crockpot Mac and Cheese into a complete and satisfying meal that is sure to delight your family and friends. With its creamy texture, rich flavors, and endless customization options, this dish will undoubtedly become a staple in your culinary repertoire. 

Crockpot Mac and Cheese

Crockpot Mac and Cheese

What should you pair with Mac and Cheese?

In our household, we love to add a serving of protein to our Mac and Cheese meals. Both chicken and beef are popular choices, with my kids typically favoring chicken dishes. Some of their favorites include Mustard Fried Chicken Wings and Homemade Chicken Nuggets. For a healthier take on chicken, you might want to try Oven Baked BBQ Chicken Wings or Cilantro Lime Chicken. If the family is in the mood for beef, our go-to options are Cracker Barrel Meatloaf or Easy Tex Mex Meatballs.

Additional Mix-ins & Toppings

For a sophisticated twist on this classic dish, consider adding chopped lobster meat or shrimp, along with a pinch of cayenne pepper for some heat. For a Mexican-style Mac and Cheese, mix in chopped red and green bell peppers, jalapenos, and taco seasoning. For added crunch, top the dish with Italian-style breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese.

Can Mac and Cheese be prepared in advance?

Yes, you can assemble all the ingredients in the crockpot (including butter and cheeses) and store it in the refrigerator overnight. When you’re ready to cook the dish, set the slow cooker on low for 3 hours. Make sure to give everything a thorough stir after the first 30 minutes of cooking to ensure the cheese and other ingredients blend well and don’t clump together.

How long does Crockpot Mac and Cheese last?

While it’s best to serve Crockpot Mac and Cheese immediately for optimal flavor and texture, any leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.

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  • Author: Olivia
  • Total Time: 2 hours 15 minutes


This dish is the ultimate dream for every child. Say goodbye to store-bought, ready-to-make mac and cheese – this homemade version is the real deal, and your kids are sure to adore it. Paula Deen’s Crockpot Mac and Cheese is not only simple to prepare but also irresistibly cheesy and scrumptious.



16 ounces uncooked elbow macaroni

3 cups cheddar cheese, shredded

8 ounces block cream cheese

2½ cups of whole milk

12 ounces evaporated milk


Step 1:

Add all of the ingredients into your crockpot. Set on low and cook for up to 2½  hours or until it looks like mac ‘n’ cheese. Stit after two hours to check that the recipe is done.

Step 2:

The sauce may be thick and cheesy so you might want to add in some more cooked macaroni and milk to even it out. Then put the setting on “Keep Warm” until ready to serve.


You can use cooked noodles, just decrease the cooking time to 1½  – 2 hours

If you desire more flavor in your mac n cheese, you can add some mustard and garlic to this recipe and adjust to your taste.

Pre-shredded cheese does not work well in this recipe. It contains an anti-caking agent that can make this recipe gritty. Better to get whole cheese and shred it yourself.

Slow cookers can vary from one another, While some may cook slow, others may be faster. SO you may have to adjust the time for your slow cooker and set it to warm if your mac n cheese gets done earlier than expected.

  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 2 hours
  • Category: Dinner, Lunch,
  • Cuisine: American



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